Belize! Part I: Ambergris Caye

We had such a fun time visiting Belize and Guatemala! Our trip started out flying into Belize City. We immediately took a taxi to the water taxi. Belize City is really run down and kind of scary looking. It is sad to see a place with so much poverty. We took the water taxi (it was a pretty big boat) to Ambergris Caye. It took about 1 1/2 hours to get there on the boat.

On the island we stayed at a cute little condo. We had decided to walk around to try and find it on our own and it ended up taking us a pretty long time to find it. When we finally did, no one was there to give us the key. Nate wandered around to try and ask some local people and I stayed outside the condo and met some guy that tried to call the owner from his cell phone. Luckily, a few minutes later the owner came riding up on a bicycle. We stayed on Ambergris Caye 3 nights and spent our days riding bikes around the island, eating delicious food (I had pupusas at almost every meal and Nate had a lobster burrito that he loved!) We had the best jerk chicken from this place someone told us about. This cute little boy was sitting outside (his mom was the cook). He was sad because his friend had been playing soccer with him but had to go, so Nate played soccer with him while our food cooked. It was so cute! I kept trying to tell Nate to let the little boy win, Nate was trying to but the little boy was having trouble making a goal. I think they finally ended on a tie.

We randomly found an LDS chapel while riding bikes around. The missionaries were playing soccer with some kids outside the building.

One of my favorite things about Ambergris Caye was going to a yoga class on a pier right over the ocean. It was so relaxing and something I have always wanted to do!

Nate was so nice and stayed in a hammock the whole time, sneaking over to take pics for me.

Our favorite thing about Ambergris Caye was a snorkeling trip that we went on. First it stopped at Hol Chan. It was such a fun place to snorkel. Belize has one of the world's largest living barrier reefs. The coral was so colorful and beautiful and we saw so many cool things! We saw a huuuge morrey eel, 3 spotted eagle rays (my favorite), turtles, a few nurse sharks, and so many colorful fish. The visibility was so good, we could see all the way to the bottom, about 20 feet down sometimes. After Hol Chan, we went to Shark Ray Alley. It was amazing! The boat driver dropped bucket of fish into the water and tons of Nurse Sharks came in to eat it. We got to jump in the water and swim with all of the sharks. I was swimming right by them and then the boat driver threw a fish right in front of me so all of the sharks were jumping right by me! Scary but fun..! There were also a ton of huge manta rays! We actually didn't get any pictures of Shark Ray Alley the 1st time because our camera ran out of battery, but we went a second time the last week of our trip!

We loved all of the food there. And the fresh juice was amazing! Especially the pineapple and watermelon juices!

One night we went to Wahoo's to watch the famous Chicken Drop. People be on numbers and then they shake a chicken (not to hard, but I felt bad for it) and then put it on the ground. Whichever number it "drops" on first is the winner!

We loved Amberguis, it was such a fun place to start our trip!

Our First Place

*I wrote this post awhile ago, but forgot to publish it. We just bought a house and will be moving into it in 2 weeks! I am sooo excited to be able to decorate a whole house! I'll always love our first little apartment though!!

Since we are moving, I wanted to post some pictures of our first place! We have loved it here, we found our apartment, online and weren't able to really see what it looked like or the location it was in since we were in San Diego until we moved up here. We were really blessed and it ended up being the perfect place for us. I knew it would be great since it was named Ashley Terrace..!

View from our porch

Outside our apartment

This was our first day in our apartment, about a year ago! It doesn't feel like we have been here a year!

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