The Best Easter

This has been one of my favorite Easters yet! On Friday night, Nate & I met Brittany & Matt at the Mesa Temple to watch the Easter Pageant. It was awesome & went through the whole life of Christ. It was really a great way to start the Easter season. Then we got ice cream & played games at Matt & Britt's. It is so fun having them live in AZ!!! Saturday we went to Lake Pleasant with Mom, Dad, Matt, Britt, Brooke, Cody, & the boys. We paddleboarded, had a picnic, & relaxed on the shore. Of course we had to have some paddleboarding races (Nate won). It was so much fun & the weather was perfect! We all went home to change & then met back at Brooke & Cody's where Melis, Sam, & Jenna arrived! We had a bbq & went hot tubbing & it was so much fun! I love living in AZ & being able to live so close by family & have everyone visit!

Sunday we went to church & Ethan passed the sacrament for the 1st time! Then Nate & I subbed for primary & it was so cute seeing Nate teach the kids! They were listening so intently! When we went to sharing time, the kids sang a song, "Gethsemane" that was so touching & they all sounded so good! The little boy next to me told me he loved the song so much & that it was making him tear up. It was so sweet & I was so happy that I got to teach & sit with that class on Easter Sunday.

After church, we met at Mom & Dad's to have Easter dinner. When we got there, Melissa showed us a video of a little 3 year old singing the Gethsemane song. Jenna started singing along & it was so cute! Then Jenna wanted to make her own video singing the song & she kept saying she wanted to send it to all of the little kids to watch. We made her a little flower crown, like the girl in the video, & taped her singing the song. It was the cutest thing!

Then we had the most amazing dinner, everything was seriously sooo good! Mom & Dad made ham, Brooke & Cody made a potato casserole, Melis made potato rolls, & I made green beans with bacon, pecans, & a maple glaze. Britt & Matt made them most delicious dessert ever! It was trifle with layers of brownie, chocolate whipped cream, homeade pudding, raspberries, and chocolate shavings. Soooo good!!! We ate outside, visited, jumped on the trampoline (classic "I've got the power" game and don't crack the egg), & decorated Easter eggs. The boys each made a poop and pee egg, & Jenna thought it was sooo funny and made one of each too! She also made the dollar egg by drawing an actual dollar on it, so cute! Then we hid the eggs for the kids! They were all trying sooo hard to find the dollar egg, which we thought had been colored green. After all stressing and looking everywhere to find it for about half an hour, we realized the egg was actually orange & Ethan had found it long before! We did another hunt & Jenna found the egg (held by dad).

Jenna was not to happy about not finding the dollar egg..

This was one of my favorite Easters ever. I guess I am growing up because Nate & I didn't give each other Easter baskets or candy or flowers. I just being able to watch the Easter Pageant, be with the sweet little children in primary, & be surrounded by family the whole weekend. Nothing is better than that! I have been feeling stressed about not being able to get pregnant the past while & feeling sad about that & this weekend was the perfect weekend to forget all the stress, remember the Savior & the sacrifice He made for me & everyone, & be surrounded by loving family.

Spring Break in San Diego!

We started Spring Break off with a Spring Training game, just like last year! We we went with Britt, Matt, Rhett, & Kade & it was so much fun! It was much cooler than last year, when we were sweating to death! Then on Saturday we headed to San Diego. Brittany came with us & it was so much fun having her come! We spent most of our time at the beach, eating the best food (Con Pane twice, Phil's BBQ, & Swami's Cafe), & enjoying the amazing weather! We also hiked Torrey Pines, did a Sunday walk around Lake Miramar, went to Julian to get the best apple pie with cinnamon ice cream, & went to Seaworld. We had a lot of time with family, which was nice, & Nate did awesome & did a ton of work for the business he runs with his dad & brother. I got to meet up with some of my Hawaii friends which I loved!!! We also took Blitzen to the beach for the first time & it was the cutest thing! Britt & I got in lots of beach & sister talk time!!! overall, it was an awesome Spring Break!!!

I had to wear a squid hat in order for Nate to take this picture.. worth it!

I had to wear a squid hat for Nate to take this picture..worth it!

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