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Well, I wanted to start out November by a thankful post & I have so much to be thankful for right now. On Friday, October 28th, I went in for a surgery, a Hysteroscopy with a bilateral cannulation to try & unblock my fallopian tubes, to be exact. I was trying not to think to much about the surgery because I didn't want to get more nervous & didn't want to overthink the possibilities if the surgery did or did not work. I also didn't really even research anything about the surgery for that same reason. We had so many family members & friends praying for us & putting our names on prayer rolls at the temple. We were hopeful that, if it was in the Lord's will & was the best thing for our family, that the surgery would be successful.

My sister, Brooke, took me in since Nate had to work. We got to the surgical center & I was so nervous to get an IV. I hate needles so much, they are my worst fear. I can't even type the word needle without cringing & feeling panicked.. Anyways, it was so nice to have Brooke there with me. She even let me squeeze her hand really hard & talked to me to distract me & then it was over! They had put it in while I was sitting in this recliner thing & I kept thinking, how will they carry me into the correct room when I am passed out, then I realized that the IV was in, but they wouldn't put the anesthesia medicine in until I was in the surgery room, haha, blonde moment!!! They brought me to the room where I would be having surgery & put a heated blanket on me, took of my glasses, & I remember feeling warm & comforted. I know that this was my Heavenly Father helping me to feel calm & peaceful because I had prayed for that exact thing. I started saying a prayer for the doctors & nurses & that everything would be okay & fell asleep in the middle of the prayers, as they started the anesthesia. The next thing I remember is groggily half waking up & someone telling me that the surgery had worked & they were able to unblock both tubes for the next 8 months!

It was such a miracle that the surgery worked & that BOTH tubes were able to be cleared. I was & am so incredibly happy!! Brooke came in & I remember crying & not being able to stop the tears because I was so happy. Then we headed home & that hour drive home is some of the most pain I have been in but it was completely worth it & I would take that pain as long as needed to be able to get pregnant! I felt like I was going to throw up & also the most painful cramping I've ever felt. Once I got home & could lay in bed, I started feeling a lot better. Nate was home, he decided to work from home the rest of the day so that he could be there if I needed anything. We were both so incredibly happy & thankful that the surgery worked. We are so excited thinking that I may be able to get pregnant in the next few months!!! If the surgery had not worked, our only option would have been IVF & that is so expensive. We have been saving up for a year, but would need to save up until at least March to be able to have the money for that. It is just so wonderful to know that we won't have to wait that long to be able to have a chance of getting pregnant! Our next step is to do IUI this next month & if that doesn't work, they will do 2 more rounds of IUI. I am so thankful for this miracle from my Heavenly Father & for all the comfort & peace He has given me through this process.

I also feel so blessed for so many friends & family that love & pray & care for us. Brooke was so nice to take me to the doctor to be there almost the whole day & to help me not feel as nervous & scared. Then Brittany came over Friday night & brought homeade chicken noodle soup & the cutest basket full of my favorite things! Then my mom came and kept me company on Saturday & made me lunch & dinner. I also had so many nice texts & phone calls from other family members & friends. I am so thankful for all of these blessings.

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  1. Ashley! I saw you stopped by my blog and I am so grateful for your comment. I'll definitely be following your story and praying for you. I don't know you but I truly hope you have happiness and finally become pregnant.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! You are so sweet!!

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