The past few weekends have been incredibly busy. I like it because it makes things go by quickly, but at the same time sometimes I wish I could slow time down. Ethan's b-day was a few weekends ago!

This weekend we went to San Diego again. February and March are the busiest times for Nate's business. It was the most beautiful weather! I love all of the succulents and spring flowers!!

While Nate did backflow jobs on Saturday, I went the the beach with Nicole. It felt sooo nice to relax and finally get a little tan!!! I forgot my wetsuit, so I couldn't surf, but it was still soooo nice to be at the beach!

Afterwards, I went to Con Pane to get sandwiches and cookies for Nate & I!

We got back Sunday and went to Brooke & Cody's for dinner. Brooke made the best lasagna ever!!! Then we went to the park and the boys played football while we watched. It has been so much fun living close by Brooke & Cody. They are so nice and fun to be around and I love living by my sister!!! Now we just need to get all of the other sisters out here!!! :)

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