Wedding Day!!!

The week of our wedding was busy but still so much fun! Nate and I got to spend time at the beach with friends and family, which was so nice and relaxing since we had gotten most of the planning done. It was so fun to see everyone!!! One of my best friends from Hawaii, Katie, came a few days early so it was so fun to hang out with her!!! Then my family all came a few days before. Right after everyone arrived, we went straight to the beach! I had always wanted to get married somewhere by the ocean so it would be like a vacation for everyone! The next day we all went to the beach right by my house and got breakfast burritos from Taco Surf. I remember it felt so nice to relax with all of my family on the beach and I just kept thinking, "I can't believe I'm getting married tomorrow!" It was such a crazy and unreal feeling!

After a few hours at the beach, my mom and I got ready and then met Nate at the San Diego Temple for me to go through for the first time. It was beautiful and so nice to be there with Nate and both of our families.

After the temple, I went out to dinner with my mom, sisters, roomates, and friends (one last girls night)! We had dinner on the roof of a restaurant, Firehouse, that was right on the beach. It was so much fun being there with my friends and family! When I got home it was about 10 and I went to bed, thinking I wouldn't be able to sleep! I actually slept through the night easily and woke up to my alarm at 4:30am! The ladies doing my hair and makeup got there right after that and it was so fun getting all done up!

The whole day of our wedding was so perfect! It seemed like a blur though! We got married in the San Diego temple at 9am. Nate came to pick me up in the morning and it felt so unreal to be driving to the temple to get married! The wedding ceremony was so special and something I will always remember and I am so thankful that we could get married in the temple. It seemed almost surreal because I have thought about that day for so long. Then we took pictures outside of the temple and headed to Nate's parents house for a ring ceremony and luncheon. Their backyard backs up to a canyon and has the most amazing view. The food was delicious and his family made everything look sooo beautiful!

We had our reception that evening in a friends backyard. We had a mexican food company cater the main food. They grilled the meat, made fresh homeade tortillas, and made tacos and quesadillas right at the reception. Mmmm, it was good, if only we could have been able to eat more!!! We had a dessert table with a macaron cookies and cake balls. Our decorations were mostly flower arrangements. We visited with everyone, got to eat a little, and then had our 1st bite of cake, and I tossed my bouquet. (Nate still keeps bringing up the fact that I told him he'd better not stuff the cake in my face and then I stuffed it in his face when it was my turn. We got a few canvases of pictures made and he insisted that we get one made with a picture of that moment to show that "I wasn't always so sweet!") Everything turned out amazing and it was so nice to have so many of our family and friends there!

My cousin, Rachael, took all of our pictures and did SUCH an amazing job! She is so talented!!

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