The weather has been sooo nice lately!!! We have been cooking pizza out on the grill, going to Rhett, Ethan, & Kade's games, painting, making acai bowls, going to the temple, and going on walks and runs outside!!!

I am soooo excited for summer!!!! Today is my last day of work and then I am free for 2 months!!!!

We head to Europe on Tuesday and it still feels unreal!!!

Our other plans for the summer are spending a few days in New York City (on our way back from Europe), pool parties at Brooke and Cody's beautiful new pool, a Flake family reunion in California, going to the San Diego fair with the Duchein family, camping trips, painting our kitchen cabinets, and just relaxing!!!!

I loooove summer!!! (Also Nate's birthday, our anniversary, and my birthday are all during summer, which is awesome!!!)

Brooke trying to keep warm at one of Kade's games! Haha!! It has been a lot cooler than usual lately!!

Nate, Cody, and the boys went on the ward father son campout and their tent collapsed from so much snow!! They were still happy campers though! Here's Nate getting home in his matching gray sweatsuit.. haha!!!

First swim in Brooke and Cody's pool!!!

Happy Summer!!! :)

Superstition Springs Camping

Nate and I went camping at Superstition Springs Mountain a few weekends ago. It was such a gorgeous camping and hiking area!!! We got there in the evening and set up our tent and campsite. We were right below the mountain and had the most gorgeous view!!! Nate made a fire and we cooked our foil dinner and then s'mores!!! Then we went on a walk around, looking at all of the cacti and wildflowers! We went to bed and I kept waking up and couldn't go back to sleep because the stars were so bright and looked so pretty!

We woke up early, had breakfast, and then headed on a hike called "Flat Iron". I had looked it up before we went camping and it was supposed to be one of the prettiest hikes in AZ and also very difficult. It took us about 5 hours total. The way up was completely straight up the entire way. There were a few parts where you have to rock climb a little bit. We went the wrong way once and were climbing straight up on all of these little, slippery rocks. We were so afraid we were going to cause a rock slide!!! Even though it was hard, it was such a beautiful hike! I loved looking up and seeing the cliffs right above us. We finally got to the top and there were tons of cacti with the prettiest flowers!!! It was an awesome view and felt so good to be at the top!!!

We headed back down and then went to Mesa to visit Sam and Jordan and my Aunt Suzy and cousins. It felt sooo nice to be camping again! I can't wait to go to some places in Flagstaff this summer!!!

Britt's Graduation!!!!

My little sister, Brittany, graduated from BYU-Idaho a few weeks ago! My parents were driving up there and I decided the day before they left to go up with them! I was so glad that I was able to be there! It was so much fun seeing Brittany and being able to be there for her graduation! She graduated in nursing and has worked so hard and done such an awesome job!!!!

We left for our 1st stop, St. George, Wednesday right after work. We spent the night at Melissa & Sam's and it was so fun being able to spend some time with them and with Jenna of course!!! She had nicknames for everyone, Ash, Al, Grammy, & Grampy, and it was sooo cute!!!

Thursday we went to Swig (rootbeer with coconut and a cookie is the best) and the park and then headed off on the long drive to Idaho. Even though it was a longer drive, I actually really like the scenery from St. George to Rexburg. We stopped in Provo at an Indian place, Indian Palace, that we all loved!! And then we finally got to Brittany's!!!

Thursday night we all hung out and Ally came over. Friday, we went to a park, had a picnic, and played Matt's favorite game, frisbee golf. The weather was really nice and it felt so nice to just lay out in the sun, visit with Britt, and not have anything that we needed to do! Then we went to the graduation ceremony. It was very different from BYU-Hawaii. They had everyone together to hear a few speakers. President Clark & President Gay both gave really good talks. It was cool to hear President Clark speak, he was just called to be a General Authority so he said it was the last time he would be speaking as the President of the school. Brittany is a little in love with President Clark and kept talking about him the whole trip!!! :) We went back to Britt & Matt's and had dinner and played games.

Saturday Matt made us the most amazing french toast, it was really the best I have had! Then we went mini-golfing at a cute place. Then we went to a movie, McFarland, that we all liked. It was funny seeing them try to make cross-country running so exciting and made me glad I wasn't racing anymore! I still love running, but I always got so nervous to compete, especially in college!! We got frappuccinos at The Cocoa Bean and played games and then had the best dinner at The Snake Bite, Britt's favorite! We stayed up late playing Settlers of Cataan and truth or truth.

Sunday morning we headed back, stopping at Temple Square to pick up Ally. It was fun to walk around the temple and see all of the gorgeous flowers! It was the nicest day and I wish we could have stayed longer and visited some friends!! Then we drove to St. George to stay another night at Melis'. We had a late birthday dinner for my mom and then stayed up late talking and doing scooter races on my mom's scooter. Ally was the champion, I was in the middle, and Melis struggled a little and was always in last!!! Haha!! It was so nice staying up late and talking with Melissa & Ally. I was so happy I got to see all of my sisters in one week! It is so nice being able to just talk with them! I am so glad that I get to live by Brooke and see her all the time!!! It would be the dream if we could all live near each other!!

Jenna woke me up Monday morning and cuddled in bed with me, it was so cute!!! We had a picnic at a park and relaxed there a while before heading back to AZ. I don't know why, but the drive back seemed soooo long!!!! It was so nice to get home and be greeted by my hubby!!!! Nate & I had never been apart for that long, except the 5 days we were broken up when we first started dating!!! I am so thankful for Nate and that he is okay with me going on trips to see my sisters!!! He is the best!!! It was hard being apart for him but I was so glad to be there for Britt's graduation!!!

Missing Nate!!

I was Jenna's Elfie for her and supposed to make her toys. Apparently I was not a good elf because Jenna told Melis I broke Candyland later that week... haha!!

Scooter races, very intense. Ally was the champion, I came in second, and Melissa had a little trouble getting speed on the scooter...

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