Mexico Weekend

Nate has been sooo busy with wrestling meets and work, so for MLK weekend, we decided to plan a fun getaway! We booked a hotel in Puerto Penasco, Mexico and 2 days later, we packed our bags and were on our way! It was the perfect little vacation! The highlights were relaxing on the beach, long morning walks on the beach to look for shells, hanging out in the jacuzzi, eating at the restaurant on the beach, the longest sunsets, Mexican coke with lime, getting lunch in town, and just being able to relax without anything we needed to do!

New Years in AZ

The Sunday that we got back from San Diego, we picked Brittany & Matt up at the airport in Phoenix. They were in China teaching English for about 5 months and wanted to surprise my mom and dad by coming home a few days early! I had told my my that Nate & I wanted to come spend the night at their house to see them and Ally. Britt & Matt's flight got delayed a little, so we didn't end up getting to my mom & dad's until about 10. When we pulled into the driveway, Britt & Matt hid behind my dad's truck and I hid to videotape everyone's reaction. Ally had seen our car and ran outside and saw me and started screaming! Then she saw Britt & Matt and really started screaming!! Then my mom came out & was so happy and surprised too! Dad was asleep already, but woke up with all the noise! It was so fun to see Britt & Matt and hear all of their stories!

The next day we all went to The Hobbit and really liked it. I looove the AMC theater by my mom's. They re-did it and it has huge, cushy recliner chairs for every seat, it is amazing! Then we headed to Mesa to have our annual Flake Family White Elephant Party. It is always crazy and fun and a little inappropriate... haha! It was so much fun seeing everyone, I love being able to come to so many family events now that we live closer! Kade ended up winning the toilet and was so excited thinking he could have it installed in his room!

The next morning, we went to Last Chance! I usually always find shoes I love there. This time I didn't but I found a lot of really cute jewelry for really cheap and a nice tie for Nate. Then we had lunch at Cheesecake Factory to celebrate's Britt's birthday!

On New Years Eve we had a big dinner at Brooke & Cody's. We made everything that we usually have on Christmas Eve. It was so good! Then we played games and hung out until about 10 and then headed to Nate & I's house. We had Brittany, Matt, Ally, Rhett, Ethan, & Kade over for a sleepover. We stayed up until midnight eating food and playing games and then lit off some fireworks and sparklers in the street. Our street is always sooo quiet, which is nice. But it's funny, it was completely quiet even on New Years Eve! We stayed up until almost 2 am and even the boys all stayed up! Poor Rhett came over to us at about 1:30am looking sooo tired and asking when we were going to sleep.. haha! It was a really fun New Years Eve!

In the morning, Nate & I made a big breakfast for everyone! It has been so much fun having our own house and having people spend the night or come over!

We went to the temple to do baptisms one day and that was really nice to be there will my sisters and Rhett! (Nate had to coach wrestling almost every morning and couldn't come!)

We had so much fun spending time with everyone!!

Christmas, Part II

Wednesday was Christmas Eve! Nate & I went to the beach in La Jolla and it was soooo nice! It was perfectly sunny and so nice to relax and take a nap on the beach! We got lunch at Phil's BBQ, always delicious!

Nate's family does the same Christmas Eve dinner that my family does, so that was really nice. We had ham, mashed potatoes, homemade rolls, brussel sprouts, sparkling cider and pie. Everything was delicious! We had a big group with all of Nate's family, the sister missionaries, Nate's uncle and cousins, Zane & Tasha. Afterwards we played games and then read the nativity story from the Bible. Then we each opened one present (a tradition that my family has). Nate's family was really sweet to do some of the traditions that my family does so that I would feel at home.

Christmas morning we woke up and made a big breakfast. I didn't wake Nate up at 4am this year (like last year) and actually slept in until 7. We had ham, eggs, hashbrowns, rolls, and I made my mom's hot chocolate on the stove. Then we went to a nursing home to sing carols w/ Nate's parents ward. We got there right as they had just finished.. but we visited with some people there and then headed back to open presents! Nate gave me lots of cute clothes that I had picked out :) and I gave him a drill and skill saw and some other little things. His parents gave me a gift card to a spa which I am sooo excited about!

Friday I went out for a surf at Swamis. I usually go to Pipes but it was sooo crowded I could not find any parking!! It was fun and felt sooo nice just to be paddling around and laying on my board! The water was pretty cold, but I was pretty warm in my wetsuit. After surfing, I laid out and relaxed on the beach and then grabbed some taquitos from Juanitas. Then I got to jump in the hot tub at Nate's parents' which was the best! It is really my favorite thing ever to relax in a hot tub after surfing!! Best thing ever!!!

That afternoon we went to the temple because Nicole was getting endowed! It was so nice to be able to go through a session and be there for Nicole's first time! Afterwards we got to go up in the room that Nate & I were sealed in! Afterwards we got mexican food and desserts at extraordinary desserts!!!

Saturday we mostly relaxed! Nate's mom & i went on a bike ride around the lake by there house. It felt so nice to be outside in the perfect weather! Then at night, Nate and I went on a date to Coronado Island to look at the lights at the Del. Coronado Island will always be so special to me because we went there on our first date and then 9 months later, Nate proposed on the ferry ride to Coronado! It is fun having Nate's family live in San Diego because whenever we visited, we get to go to all of the fun places we went to when we were dating!

Sunday we had breakfast and then headed back to AZ!! That is another post!!

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