Family Visit: Part 3- High Tea

Nate and I woke up early and went for a big ride around Victoria. We rode around downtown, by the water, and to the Capitol Building. It was fun to explore and hardly anyone else was out! Victoria is one of my favorite places now, it was so beautiful!! On our way back we stopped by cafe and got the most humongous muffins I have ever seen to bring back for breakfast.

After breakfast we walked around by the water some more with my parents and ally and did some shopping. Then Nate and Dad went to get some seafood on the dock and my Mom, Ally, and I went to High Tea at the Gatsby Mansion. It was so much fun and something I will always remember! The mansion was gorgeous and old fashion looking. It was so much fun each having our own teapot and cute little teacups and plates. I got some sort of herbal tea with rose and lemon. It was actually really good (with lots of cream and sugar). After we got our tea, they gave us each a goblet filled with berries and Chantilly cream. Then we had a lot of time to talk and drink our tea, it really felt like we were in an old fashioned movie.. haha! After about an hour they brought out 3 tiered platters for each of us. The bottom platter had sandwiches. The cucumber one and croissant with cheese and proscuitto were really good. The second tier had a apricot scone with homeade jam, honey, and butter. It was really good too. The top tier was the very best, desserts! There was a little chocolate mousse, a pastry, a donut type ball in salted caramel, and a few others. It was so much fun being there with my Mom and Ally!

It was so funny because after we got done from our fancy tea party, we went to meet my Dad and Nate outside the Capitol building. We were about half an hour late to meet them. As we were getting close we saw a man juggling pinecones with a hat on the ground for money and another man lying on the ground next to him with his shirt pulled up. As we got closer, we were shocked to see that it was Nate and my Dad! They had been trying to be weird when came to meet them, haha!

Ally made a video of us discovering them.. It was a rude awaking from our high tea... haha!

Then we took the ferry back to Port Angeles and drove back to Vancouver. It was such a fun little trip!

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