Ally & Zach's Wedding!

In December, we all went to San Diego for Ally & Zach's wedding! It was so fun because it was also our year to be together for Christmas so it felt like a big family reunion & then we were all together again a week later to celebrate Christmas!

We got to San Diego on Thursday & went to Con Pane for lunch. Then we met up for dinner at a Mexican/Seafood restaurant in Old Town & then went hot tubbing. It was so fun all being together! Nate & I stayed at his parent's house & everyone else stayed at La Hacienda in Old Town.

On Friday we went to the temple & Ally went through for the first time. It was really special since it was the first time all 5 sisters were in the temple together. Afterwards, we went & got Con Pane & pedicures, so fun! We got matching seafoam nails. Dad gave each couple $20 & said we would have a contest to see who could buy the best thing in Old Town, so we went shopping around there. I love walking around there, it is so cute with all of the little shops & lights. I ended up getting a cute little black & white pot with a succulent. Then we had dinner with Zach's family at a Mexican restaurant. It was the weekend of Mexican food, yum! After dinner I helped Ally arrange her wedding flowers & we hot tubbed & hung out at the hotel.

Saturday morning Nate was so nice & dropped me off at the hotel really early so I could be there to get ready with Ally & my other sisters. We got ready together (Ally did her own hair & makeup!), & then had breakfast together. Then we went to the temple for their wedding sealing! The sealing was perfect & we took pictures after & then headed to set up their reception.

Their reception was really laid back & so nice because we hardly had to set up or clean up anything! They had the same people that catered Nate & I's wedding & it was so good. They made fresh tortillas, tacos, beans, rice, horchata, & churros. Everything was sooo good!!! Ally had one of her friends, Tyke, play the guitar & sing during the reception & was sooo good! It felt so nice getting to eat the best food, listen to awesome music, & visit with Ally & Zach & family!

After the reception, we hung out with family & then Sunday we headed back to AZ.

-Some funny things to remember:
Ally was trying to work out the night before her wedding, doing lunges around the hotel at like 11pm, haha!
-We were all a little panicked because the flower vases for the reception kept blowing over & dumping water everywhere. We ended up just dumping out the water & having to run around & put them back up whenever they tipped.
-We were all dying laughing about Ally & Zach's kiss when they got married, Ally did a look at everyone like "this is my time" & whipped her head around really fast to do the kiss, it was sooo funny!
-When we got our pedicures after they painted the polish they came around & sprayed this stuff from an aerosol can. We were all a little nervous of what it was, especially Brittany!

Ally's classic grasshopper move.

Putting up the Christmas Tree!

Our Christmas tree is up!!! Monday morning for FHE we picked out our Christmas tree! When we were about to drive away we heard a loud noise & realized the guy loading our tree had dropped his walkie talkie in it! We had to bring the tree out & shake it to find it! We put up our tree, decorations, & made peanut blossoms! Blitzen was there waiting below just like always (I have almost the same picture from when he was a puppy). It was a fun night & I am so excited for Christmas! I love the feeling of Christmas season, how everyone seems to be more kind, so many things to look forward to, & relaxing on the couch with the glow of the Christmas tree!

Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving break started out great with Britt & I going to World Market a second time & both finding golden llamas! It was a whole different experience from the first time, we found them quickly & then the workers were so nice to us & even took our picture. My llama was $20 & Britt's was $100! Britt was soooo nice & we split them & had so much fun getting to browse & pick out some really cute things! As soon as Nate got off work we headed to San Diego!

Thanksgiving day actually ended up being a very long day. We were cooking from 8am to 5pm & it was very hot (10 degrees hotter than in AZ even). It was nice to have a nice meal, but the day just seemed very long & Nate & I got burnt out by so much cooking.

Friday Nate & I did some shopping at Fashion Valley mall & then met Ryan, Christina, & Nicole at Torrey Pines to hike. We hiked down to the beach & the water felt soooo nice!!! Then we got lunch in Point Loma. We tried to go to Con Pane & it was closed, sooo sad!!! But we got lunch across the street at a cute marketplace area. At night we went to the San Diego temple to see the beautiful lights!

Saturday I went to the beach in the morning & Nate did some projects with his dad. Then we met up with Ally & Zach for dinner in Little Italy. It was so cute down there with all of the lights up. We ate at a really good Italian place, Filippe's (their salad and raviolis were sooo good). Then we got some gelato, walked around, & looked in an art gallery & some of the shops. When we got back to Nate's parent's house we played "the newlywed game" & it was really fun. Nicole asked Chris, Julie, & I questions & then asked the husbands the same questions to see how many we got the same. Nate & I won with 10 our of 14! Pretty good! It was a fun night!

Sunday we headed back to good old AZ!

Ally's Bridal Shower & Early Thanksgiving

We threw Ally a bridal shower a few weekends ago! It was so fun having her & Zach down here & we had such a fun weekend with them. They got to our house Friday night & Mom, Brittany, Matt, & Brooke all came over so that we could all have dinner & treats together.

Saturday morning we went to World Market to try & find some golden llamas. Zach found one for $20 & the rest of us all just felt stressed out & disappointed we didn't find one. Brittany said something about how it was so annoying how they hid them so hard & that we had to crawl all around the ground looking for them & she was done looking. Then when we were walking out the door, she quickly fell to the ground to check under one last table, haha!!!

After World Market with Ally, the boys went to play Top Golf & we decorated mom's house & got ready for Ally's shower. It turned out really cute! We had a cheese board, fruit, orzo salad, & lots of good desserts. Britt did the game, asking ally questions that Zach had answered & giving her a piece of gum for every one she got wrong. She ended with lots of gum, payback for when she did the same game for Britt's bridal shower (picture lots of Ally's high pitched laughter while everyone else was silent & Brittany having to chew tons of gum)!

Sunday we had an early Thanksgiving since we would all be gone for Thanksgiving & it was so nice to relax & have a nice dinner together.

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