Valentine's Day!

10:03 AM

Today is Valentine's Day! Nate surprised me with the prettiest red tulips & my favorite chocolates from Trader Joe's-dark chocolate peanut butter salted caramel truffles!! The best!!!! He also let me get a really cute shirt & this box that should come in the mail any day that is supposed to have lots of makeup products & other fun products too! I have been wanting to order one for so long! I got Nate all of his favorite treats- Dr. Pepper, Salt & Vinegar chips, Heath Bar, chocolate millionaire truffles, & chipotle beef jerky. We are going to go on a Valentine's date when we are in San Diego this weekend. Nate is surprising me with where we are going & I'm so excited!

Over the past few years, I feel like Nate & I have really grown closer together. I felt like we were already close, but we have really just grown extra close & really rely on each other so much. I'm so thankful to have him for my Valentine. I remember being single in Hawaii & wondering what it would be like to be married on Valentine's Day. It is the best not just on Valentine's Day but every day! We have had such amazing, happy times & also the hardest, most sad times these past few years but I wouldn't give our past few years up for anything!

Some things I love about Nate:
1. He is very sweet & always thinking of nice things to do for me.
2. He makes me laugh all the time.
3. He makes dinner for me once a week & it is always so good!
4. He works so hard.
5. He drives me everywhere & never gets lost.
6. He makes everything more fun.
7. I love going on dates with him.
8. He helps me see the good in things.
9. He is always complimenting me & says something nice each morning as I'm getting ready for work.
10. He is so forgiving & kind.

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  1. What a fun valentine's day. You know how to do holidays sis. Love you!


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