Thanksgiving x2

6:26 AM

This Thanksgiving break was one of my favorites ever. We got to have Thanksgiving with both our families & it was such a fun week! First, we drove up to San Diego the weekend before Thanksgiving. Then we drove up to Santa Monica to have an early Thanksgiving with Nate's side of the family. It was so much fun! We cooked food, visited, relaxed in their amazing recliner couches, ate lots of amazing food, & just had a really fun visit. Then we headed back to San Diego & relaxed the rest of the day.

Sunday we went to church with both of our sets of parents (mom & dad were visiting). Afterwards, mom & dad were so nice & treated us to Con Pane & then we walked along the coast at Sunset Cliffs. I looove the view there. If I could have a house anywhere (besides Hawaii), I would choose one of the houses by Sunset Cliffs. Then we drove back to AZ! We both had to work Monday & then I had the rest of the week off & Nate had to work on & off.

Monday night we headed to Tempe & stayed in a hotel down there. Then Tuesday we had our IUI procedure done. We are praying for a miracle that the procedure works if it is the right thing for us!! We went shopping at Chandler mall (we got a cute D ornament & mercury glass candleholders at Pottery Barn, I love that store) & got lunch at a good pizza place & then headed back to Surprise so that Nate could get to an appointment.

Wednesday we went to the movie, Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them, at AMC with Brooke, the boys, Nate & I, & Britt & Matt. It was a good movie & I always love seeing movies in that theater because they have huge recliner seats. After the movie we shopped around a little & had dinner at Abuelos. It was a really fun day! Nate & I stayed up until midnight making pies for Thanksgiving (pumpkin & German chocolate).

Thursday was Thanksgiving!!! We finished making our food & drove down to Aunt Suzy's in Mesa for Thanksgiving lunch! It was such a fun day & a lot of family was there. We hadn't had a Thanksgiving with the Flake extended family in a long time so it was really fun to see everyone. The food was AMAZING!!! My favorites were the smoked turkey (by my dad), mashed potatoes, stuffing (by my mom),cranberry sauce (by Brooke), & chocolate pies (by Brooke & Britt). I guess that is pretty much everything but it was all sooo good!!! I had a bit of a pie disaster though. I had made a homeade pudding for my German chocolate pie & for some reason it didn't set even though it was refrigerated over night. As I was getting it out at Suzy's, it spilled on my white pants! When I was going to set it out by the other pies it was just looking so soupy, so I just tried to hide it in a cooler & it spilled & got all over the cooler! For some reason, I can cook fine unless it is for an event or big dinner, then something always goes wrong!!!Anyways, it was such a great Thanksgiving!! I didn't take any pictures, but here are a few pictures from family members.

I love my family!!!

The day after, Nate & I got a Christmas tree from Home Depot & decorated it. I love how it turned out! We did white lights & then strung colored lights up in the living room. It was also our first year putting lights outside! We have been blasting Christmas music since before Thanksgiving & I am getting soooo excited for Christmas! I just love the whole season!

I am thankful for my family. I love all of my family & feel so grateful to also have the Duchein family. We feel so much love from everyone on all sides! I am thankful for good health. I am thankful for Heavenly Father & Jesus Christ. I am thankful for prayer & the comfort it brings me.

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